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Before Novoglan, I tried skin / flesh tunnels and skin retractors. The skin retractors made me bleed and I could not get the flesh tunnels under the foreskin due to my pinhole phimosis. The Novoglan Balloon works with my pinhole phimosis and I achieved excellent results. Please use me as a reference if you like

- Malcolm, Bondi

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Many thanks for your great customer service and advice. I've only been using the device for a couple of days now and already noticed an improvement. I can retract my foreskin now - what a relief!

- Chris, United Kingdom

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I had two options: circumcision or stretching. Sure the Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher doesn't look pretty, but it sure does work. Thank you Novoglan.

Raymond, United Kingdom

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I'm writing this message to let novoglan know that I ordered the Novoglan Products. I've had phismosis all my life and never truly was able to function at my full potential nor be as confident in myself. You saved me!!! That's all I can really say is you truly saved me. I'm no longer in agony and despair. I'm treated and normal. Thank you

Zac, New York

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I first tried the steel calliper stretcher devices but my phimosis was pin-hole like & I couldn't easily get the calliper spikes in & I tore my foreskin. It was so painful and so upsetting. However, I found the NOVOGLAN balloon worked first time*. I found it worked first time for me and was easy to place inside my pin hole phimosis. I am so happy now that I can fully retract my foreskin & I have no pain. I wish I had found the NOVOGLAN product first but I found it in the end & I would recommend it to anyone with a tight foreskin.

Sean, Sydney

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FREE! shipping for all orders over $AUD100

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Tight Foreskin | Phimosis Treatment


Many men suffer in silence due to the discomfort and pain associated with a tight foreskin (phimosis). Not being able to retract the foreskin fully due to a tight foreskin, not only causes physical discomfort, but for many it can impact sexual enjoyment, self-confidence and general wellbeing.

But you needn't suffer any longer. A tight foreskin is a common and well-recognised medical condition, and NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher is the only medical device included on the Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 168962) for treating a tight foreskin -  simply, effectively and discreetly in the comfort of your own home.

NOVOGLAN understands your frustrations. Many of the customers who come to us have been led to believe that a painful (and often expensive) adult circumcision is the only option, but there is another solution—one that’s effective and very affordable.

Adult circumcision is often painful and a very expensive treatment for relieving a tight foreskin (phimosis)—but it is not the only solution. Many of our customers come to us having already tried other alternatives. 

The patented NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher is designed and manufactured in Australia under a  strict quality control program. Novoglan products are used by tens of thousands of men all over the world to stretch and treat their tight foreskin.  

How to use NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher

The NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher, used correctly over a period of two weeks, will gently stretch your foreskin, allowing you to retract your foreskin naturally. Using our patented balloon system and air inflator to stretch the foreskin, the user simply positions the balloon between the foreskin and the glans of the penis, inflating the balloon to the desired pressure. The balloon is left in the inflated position for several minutes to stretch the foreskin. The procedure is repeated daily by increasing the period of stretching time. NOVOGLAN products come with detailed easy to follow instructions and we provide ongoing customer support to answer your questions. We provide a generous No Risk, Money Back Guarantee and full video instructions with every kit (see the video below).  

The Novoglan Balloon is manufactured using a complex six stage process that heat treats the outer surface of the balloon allowing it to more easily adhere to the inside of the foreskin. It also allows for the balloon to be easily moved within the space between the foreskin and glans, as required by the user.  

Gentle, regular & even pressure over time will deliver results compared to the regimen advocating a hard and fast  approach. Stretching too hard and fast has been shown to be counter productive. The most important thing you need to know about treating a tight foreskin is that only gentle, regular and even pressure will stretch your foreskin. Alternatives based on skin retractors and calipers actually tear the skin and cause inflammation. The Novoglan treatment program has been designed specifically for men with a tight foreskin.  



Our Proven Satisfaction Rate

93% of surveyed customers were completely satisfied and said that they would recommend Novoglan to others so that pain and discomfort can be a thing of the past. Within two weeks of continuous use, your foreskin will have been gently and effectively stretched, and you will find immediate relief for:

• sexual discomfort
• pain while urinating
• risk of infections and inflammation
• symptoms leading to paraphimosis.

A small percentage of men may need to use the NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher for a longer period to achieve their desired results. If you are not completely satisfied with your results please return the product and claim your refund.


The Facts You Need to Know About Novoglan Products...Novoglan:

Patented & Government Regulated Medical Device to treat phimosis | tight foreskin ARTG# 168962

Device Comes with 5 Year Warranty & 1 Year Guarantee^ 

Provides 100% Privacy Guarantee with all shipments in discreet unmarked white bags

# Made in Australia under strict Government regulations and quality assurance program

# Comes with free shipping & tracking for all product purchases over $AUD100^

# Ongoing Clinical Support Provides assistance if you need it and will answer all your questions

# Full Video instructions with every Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher Kit


^ check out the generous Terms & Conditions for all the details. 

 Novoglan Reviews:

"I'm writing this message to let novoglan know that I ordered the Novoglan Products. I've had phismosis all my life and never truly was able to function at my full potential nor be as confident in myself. You saved me!!! That's all I can really say is you truly saved me. I'm no longer in agony and despair. I'm treated and normal. Thank you" Zac, New York

“I had two options: circumcision or stretching. Sure the NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher doesn’t look pretty, but it sure does work. Thank you NOVOGLAN.”  Raymond, United Kingdom 

"I tried almost everything before I found Novoglan. Novoglan balloon stretching worked for me and the Novoglan support team were very helpful and understanding - I recommend Novoglan to anyone with a persistent tight foreskin"  Nick, Sydney 

Novoglan Video - What does Novoglan Do? How Does it Work? What Product Option is Right for you?

Tight foreskin cure NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher Balloontight foreskin cure diagram



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